ColladaMax 1.04 and quads?


I’ve been testing the latest (1.04) ColladaMax plugin, and I was quite surprised it was only exporting triangles, so that if I export and import back a mesh, it’s not usable anymore for edition.

In the documentation ( … 9/lang,en/), it says that the “triangles” option is about “Whether to export the tessellation of a mesh as triangles or N-sided polygons. In the COLLADA document, this will generate either the <triangles> or the <polylist> element”.

Does that mean there’s no way to export quads ?

Did I miss something?
thanks for any hint

There is no way to export quads/N-sided polygons. The N-sided polygon export option was causing too much pain, especially when used with some of the important experimental export options and it was disabled.

With regards to edition: editing an EditablePoly or a EditableMesh should be very similar. What is missing from the re-imported mesh that makes it not usable for edition?



It appears that artists prefer to manipulate quads rather than triangles. Converting quads to triangles is some sort of loss of information, which currently prevents them to use a Collada file as an intermediate file format when using Max.

Maybe I didn’t get your point about EditablePolys or EditableMesh because of my lack of knowledge with using Max; I’ll try to get more information about this.

Thanks for your attention

I’ve added bug#75 on our public Bugzilla for this.

We’ll be adding import/export support for the EditablePoly object. Please subscribe to the FS public Bugzilla and add yourself to the CC list for updates.