COLLADADOM : translate with float_array 16 digits


i want to save date with 16 digits précision in the translate float_array
exemple :
<translate sid=“translateXYZ”>-1.612530232960152 8.078333465487269 -2.473488747587684</translate>

I read the colladabook p43. the number of digits is given in <ListOffFloats>.

I look in colladadom sources version 1.4.
Saving data in done with sscanf and snprintf with _printFormat = “%lg”;

file daeAtomicTyp.cpp
daeDoubleType::daeDoubleType(DAE& dae) : daeAtomicType(dae)
_size = sizeof(daeDouble);
_alignment = sizeof(daeDouble);
_typeEnum = DoubleType;
_printFormat = “%lg”;
_scanFormat = “%lg”;
_typeString = “float”;

The printFormat = “%lg” save only 6 digits.
For 16 digits , printFormat must be “%.16lg”.

My question is :
Is colladadom well done for XML schema ???


There’s a bug on this here.

The easiest way to fix this for the time being will be to modify the source yourself, which I’m guessing you already have.