COLLADA Test Model Bank

The COLLADA Test Model Bank is a site for people working on COLLADA related projects where they can get and exchange test models.

This is an extension to the forum, that enable sample models to be shared with the community. This can be used as a model bank to test an implementation, or as a useful repository to attach COLLADA documents to a post in the forum.

Anonymous users can download models whose owners have agreed to distribute freely to anyone.

If you have an account, you will have access to a larger library of models. Most of these models have distribution/licensing restrictions. Please check the README and license files in each individual folder before downloading and using these models. DO NOT RESISTRIBUTE any files from this site without reading and understanding the license for the file. Some files here allow redistribution, some do not!

Accounts will only be given out to people who are working on a COLLADA related project such as an import/export plugin, modeler or engine that uses COLLADA. People who want to contribute COLLADA test models of their own may also get an account.

To get an account, click “Would Like to Register” on the main page and fill in the form. Your account will be disabled till we approve it. We may want to talk with you before approving your account so it can speed things up if you also send a mail to describing your project.

Only people with accounts will be able to upload. See “uploading.txt” for information on how to easily upload whole directory trees at once.

You can browse and download single files with this system or you can get a whole directory tree at once. If you download a directory the contents will automatically be made into a .zip file you can extract on your computer.

If you have questions please post on or send mail to