COLLADA support in Cg 1.5

Hi all,

On the Nvidia Cg 1.5 Beta 1 web page (, we can read :

This 1.5 Beta 1 release of Cg introduces several new features::

• OpenGL GLSL profiles
• Direct3D9 SM3.0 profiles
• Procedural API for Effect creation (COLLADA support)
• Program combining for inter-program optimization
• Rewrite of major portions of the Cg Runtime for enhanced performance

which includes this interesting line :

• Procedural API for Effect creation (COLLADA support)

I took a look to the provided documentations, and I could not find any information about how COLLADA is supported by Cg 1.5

Do anyone has some information about this ?

Thanks in advance.


I think what that means is that the new procedural Effect creation Api is something you would need if you were parsing Collada files to create Cg Effects. In other words the new Api supports creating Effects from other formats such as Collada, instead of having to Cg parse Effect files.

Correct !

That is the API that we are taking advantage of in the Collada FX loader, available on sourceforge

Without such an API, the only way to load an effect in Cg would be something like: cgLoadEffect(“filename.cgfx”).

So there would be no way to take a COLLADA FX, which contains all the effect information in a standard language and call the Cg API to creat the effect directly from the COLLADA FX. Instead, one would have have to create a CgFX file from the COLLADA FX file, and then provide it to the Cg API.