Collada skinning

I hope you can help me. My problem is with the collada’s skinning equation:

v += {[(v * BSM) * IBMi * JMi] * JW}

[ul]n: The number of joints that influence vertex v
BSM: Bind-shape matrix
IBMi: Inverse bind-pose matrix of joint i
JMi: Transformation matrix of joint i
JW: Weight of the influence of joint i on vertex v[/ul]

Each vertex “v” must be calculated (i.e. through a “for” bucle). But, it`s not very, very slow if I have a mesh of 10,000 vertices or more? This must be calculated ever in real time? No other way to calculate “v”?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I again. Is there another way to do skinning. Is there another formula that does not require going through each vertex?

Thank you very much for you help. :smiley: