Collada settings for Haxe-sandy Flash use

Hi there.

I am working on a project to build models for import to a flash or javascript based haxe application. I am using sandy 3d engine because it works cross platform unlike away3d.

The problem is that when I build a model, whether it be in Blender or trueSpace, I can export it as a collada file but when I try and parse or load in the model to my code, nothing appears. I have read numerous things about setting for the model when you make it like triangulate and stuff like that, but I cannot get a definite answer.

If possible, I would appreciate someone pointing me to a tutorial of how to set up a collada file for import to a flash or haxe environment. Either that or a list of things I should do to help make sure that the file works in the code and parses correctly when run.

Thanks a lot ahead of time,