Collada Schema mismatch in the "dae" file

I need a help on the following issue:
We received set of “dae” files with internal reference to both

The sample file attached

This file can be open in Google Earth, but causes error in GoogleSketchUp application.
It also cannot be open in the GIS engine that we are using - Skyline Terra Explorer.

How can I know, what is the real schem - Collada 1.4 or Collada 1.5 that used for this file and whether I can fix the file by changing the xmlns=“”>
since all the rest file relates 2008/03?

Your help is highly appreciated


The document is invalid mainly because the <COLLADA version=“1.5.0”> is invalid with the given xmlns.

It looks like a COLLADA 1.4 document with liberal and invalid use of the xmlns attribute to pull in elements of the COLLADA 1.5 schema. A validating parser would flag numerous errors in the document.