Collada RT


i have downloaded Collada RT. I have read that it is supposed to support animations:

It provides scene heirarchy, cameras, animation, and skinning support
as well as basic COLLADA_FX rendering with the assistance of the

But i can’t make the viewer run any animations of animated examples i have found :frowning:

Does it really support animation ?
Is there any example code to load and render skinned animation with OpenGL or DirectX (in C++) ?
Is there any plan to add more example and tutorials in the futur ?


In the Owl model bank is a skinning sample called Seymour. RT seems to work fine with that model. You might also be interested in Feeling Viewer, which is the most conformant COLLADA viewer I’m aware of.

Tanks. It works with Seymour.

I used the Goblin.dae file from an XNA demo: … InXNA.aspx

It’s strange that it doesn’t work with Collada RT.

Please file a bug on SourceForge.