COLLADA_RT_VIEWER.exe crash on Windows 7?


Just downloaded & Cg-2.2_February2010_Setup.exe. Installed both; domTest -all passes all tests, but COLLADA_RT_VIEWER.exe crashes. No error message, the windows pops and dissapears immediately. Other OpenGL apps run fine.

Any ideas? Where can I get RT_Viewer’s sources?


Windows 7 32bit, GPU: ATI 5970, Drivers : 10.3. DXSDK : Feb. 2010.

Launch from cmd:

C:@Collada\colladadom-vc8\colladadom\bin>domTest -all
All tests passed.



Sorry guys, my bad! Got it all compiling & working now!

But the viewer should at least display some Usage message when no file is specified!