Collada RT & Baked Matrices

Hi, Will there be a version of the collada runtime that supports importing
animated baked transforms for skinned models anytime soon?

There seems to be a problem in the RT animation/display code in that I’m getting different results between a skinned anim shown in the Feeling Viewer and the same anim using Collada_RT (both not using baked transforms or any unknown animation targets).

The anim I’m looking at just uses rotation around axes - but the axes that the points rotate around seem to be different from the ones in Maya and the Feeling Viewer visually.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Can you explain a little more of what the difference is? Or is it possible to post the document you are having problems with or a similar document you create just to demonstrate the problem if the first is non distributable?

If the rotations just seem a little backwards maybe it is a coordinate system thing. One (right handed or left I don’t ever remember which does what) a positive rotation angle yeild a clockwise motion, the other a counter clockwise motion. Thats just a wild guess, don’t put too much stock in it. If we can get a sample doc we can figure it out.


Thanks for the reply… I’ve found the problem now.

It was an additional bind_shape_matrix in the DAE file which is ignored/unsupported by the collada_rt. Transforming all of my verts and normals through this once at load time fixed everything up nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks, Chris.