COLLADA roadmap

Here is a summary of COLLADA milestones for Q4 2005 and Q1 of 2006.
[li] October 26th - Austin Game Conference, Khronos DevU: Intro to COLLADA.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] November 18th - COLLADA 1.4.0 specification pre-release.[/li][list:7pz9a3vf]
[li] Khronos Group Promoters will vote to ratify this specification, starting a review process.[/
:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] Major features are COLLADA FX (high level shader effects) and Physics (rigid bodies).[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] Overall stronger schema constaints for better validation of instance documents.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/ul][/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] November 21st - COLLADA 1.4.0 DOM Beta 10 release.[/li][ul]
[li] Available to Khronos members and registered reviewers only.[/
:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] with 1.3.1 and 1.4.0 schema classes.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/ul][/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] November 22nd - ColladaMaya 1.4 alpha plug-in available from Feeling Software.[/li][ul]
[li] ColladaMaya 1.4 Alpha build on sourceForge.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/ul][/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] December 8th - First Khronos COLLADA working group teleconference.[/li][ul]
[li] Khronos promoters and contributors are invited to attend. Please visit the Khronos member calendar for details.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/ul][/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] January 3rd - Khronos Group promoters ratify COLLADA 1.4.0 specification for public release.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/li][li] January 26th - Khronos COLLADA working group meeting in Nice, France.[/:m:7pz9a3vf][/list:u:7pz9a3vf]
[Mod: Recent changes in red (changed) or green (new).]

The COLLADA schema is being updated to patch level 1.3.1 and will be released on August 19th along with an updated specification document and the API.

We are delaying the COLLADA API 1.0 public release and extending the beta testing period. The next API release (to beta testers) will be Beta 8 generated from the 1.3.1 schema on Friday, July 29th.

Unfortunately, SCEI is unable to release the COLLADA DOM (aka API) due to unresolved licensing issues. We are working with Khronos Group to transfer the software to Khronos. The plan is to release the software under the standard Khronos IP protection and licenses.

The first release of this software will be called the COLLADA DOM 1.4.0 (matching the schema version). This will include 1.3.1 and 1.4.0 based classes available as separate builds.

In the meantime we are extending the beta program for the COLLADA DOM so that beta testers can continue the process of improving the software prior to eventual release.

The Khronos Group proposes to ratify the COLLADA 1.4.0 specification! Therefore SCE will deliver the first draft of the spec. to Khronos Group promoters for a vote and then follow the Khronos public review process.

The first Khronos COLLADA Working Group teleconference has been scheduled for December 8th at 9:30am Pacific.

Khronos promoters and contributors are invited to attend. Please visit the Khronos member calendar for details.

On January 3rd, 2006, the Khronos Group promoters plan to vote on COLLADA 1.4.0 ratification. We are currently in the specification review process with Khronos promoters and contributors.

COLLADA 1.4.0 has been ratified by The Khronos Group.