Collada Refinery Axis converter conditioner not working?


I tried to convert a 3DMax exported file into Y_UP using the conditioner in Collada Refinery, Refinery immediately crashes. The only time it doesnt crash is when Z_UP is specified which is what Max exports to in the first place, meaning it doesnt have to do anything.

Thanks. We’ll look into it.


After further experimentation, it appears to only happen when i have a mesh skinned with animated bones. A skinned mesh with non-animated bones doesnt cause it to crash, i suspect it is crashing when attempting to export the animation keys.

Thanks. That definately helps us for when we get the time to look at this.


Hi Andy,

Could you tell me how long will it take for you guys to solve this bug?


Futher experimentation also shows that the optimiser conditioner messes up texture coordinates.

The main reason why i want to use Refinery is for the Axis converter/optimiser conditioners, but as of now both of these have serious problems.

I made some changes on axisconter related to Animation.
You can get the update by just click Program Files->COLLADA->COLLADA Refinery->Update.
Note that the changes are on Updater and SourceForge svn only.
The Download packager installer is not updated.

For the optimizer, I may need more help from you.
If you could get me the DAE files that trigger the crash that will by very helpful.


Hi Herbert,

The optimiser doesnt crash Refinery, but it messes up the texture coordinates of the model.

I try the Optimizer with many textured models, I can’t see any major problem.

Can I get your dae and texture that got messed up with Optimizer?
Did you ran just the optimizer or with other conditioners?