Collada Maya - Extra Attributes, and Custom Node Types

I’m currently evaluating Collada, specifically the Maya exporter, and there are two questions I have which I can’t find any answers to in this forum.

(1) Is there support in the Collada Maya plugin for exporting extra attributes off of nodes. If this isn’t currently available, is it expected to be implemented soon?

(2) Is there a recommended way to extend Collada to export custom node types? Obviously the source code is available and can be customized, but is there a preferred method of extending Collada and the associated XML schema definitions?


Hello Todd,

This is a feature that has been requested a couple of times, but no one has approached us to fund its development. If you’re interested, send us an email at “claforte at”.

If we implemented 1 above, by enumerating and exporting all unrecognized attributes, it should cover this request too.


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