collada max and 3ds texture tile

I have a problem with importing a model with textures.
Using COLLADA, after exporting from 3ds, after importing the UV coordinates, the texture of the object is not mapped properly.
After a long time I realized that the object appears as if there was a check on the coordinate V of the “V tile flip” , that on 3ds help has this definition: “Reverses the direction of the map along the specified axis” and the axis is that of coordinated V.
Thank you.

this is the form of the tile V tile flip: … r=d0e95450

You have pointed to an object space UV modifier.
In theory the exporter should have caught this and received the transformed UVs.

But, there are a few reason why this frequently goes wrong in a lot of pipelines.
Hopefully one of these help you fix your problem.

  1. did you place the UV modifier above a skin or physique modifier in your stack? Many game exporters require that this modifier be below those modifiers. Typically the skinning mod must be the top of the stack otherwise it is difficult/impossible to extra proper index palette skinning information for games. Especially if any modifier does topology changes but that’s not the case here. Anyhow just try dragging the modifier lower down in the list. Assuming you are hitting this case, I know this sounds negative but I consider this case user-error because there are certain limitations that artist must follow in order to get data into the game and in some cases modifier ordering is nearly impossible to work around in any exporter. There are probably some cases that even Autodesk’s FBX cannot get right and this is probably one of them.

  2. often people have problems with D3D vs OpenGL content. If it isn’t set up right the origin can be top left vs bottom left. But if this were to case then all of your textures for any model despite this checkbox would be flipped.