Collada Makefile without install


I got Collada from SVN Trunk. Compiling worked well, but installing with make install doesnt work, since there is not install-rule in the make file.
install each directory(dom,rt,fx) doesnt work too, cause every Makefile first deletes all in /usr/local/include/colladadom, before it puts its h-files into the directory.

what can i do to install it correctly?

I just looked and the COLLADA DOM makefiles have install targets for Linux and Mac.

This is my Makefile.linux:

	make os=linux project=minizip -C dom
	make os=linux project=dom -C dom
	make os=linux project=domTest -C dom
	make os=linux project=fx -C fx
	make os=linux project=rt -C rt
	make os=linux project=viewer -C viewer
	make os=linux project=minizip -C dom clean
	make os=linux project=dom -C dom clean
	make os=linux project=domTest -C dom clean
	make os=linux project=fx -C fx clean
	make os=linux project=rt -C rt clean
	make os=linux project=viewer -C viewer clean

In the Subdir of dom for example, there is an install-rule for me, but i need dom AND rt

You’re right that the top level makefile doesn’t have them. But for example, I’m looking at … iew=markup

… and I see install targets. So I would guess that you can type this and it would work:

make os=linux project=dom -C dom install
make os=linux project=rt -C rt install

The problem is, that the install-targets on each Makefile first delete the folder /usr/local/include/colladadom and then install their header-files. So the h-files of previous installed subprojects will be deleted.

Remove the dependency on the uninstall target as a work around then?

okay…(listens good)
just wanted to know if there will be problems then.
another small question:
Is there a small Dokumentation(doxygen or something else) to the rt?