Collada LScript plugin for LightWave

I have started an LScript implementation of a Collada plugin for LightWave. At the moment it only imports polygon based models, and is more ment as a proof of concept rather than a usable plugin.

At the moment it is parsing the text of the XML document to retrieve the data, and it needs a redesign so that it can handle any type of XML and not be hard-coded for a few specific tags. Atleast it manages to recreate the cube model attached. I invite everyone with an interest in seeing a LightWave Collada plugin to partcipate.

Download the (uncommented at the moment) LScript and come with suggestions and improvements:

I´m absolutely interested Petter, and will try it asap…(like…tomorrow). For a number of reasons I would also want to see this format natively supported by LW.
I´m specially interested in exporting more than importing…is it supported by this initial Lscript?

Petter, that’s fantastic that you’re developing a Collada plugin for Lightwave. We have a lot of artists and customers at my company that work with Lightwave and the fact that there’s no Collada import/export in Lightwave has made things somewhat difficult for us.

I’d be happy to help do some testing at some point in the future, but I don’t own a copy of Lightwave myself so I’m going to have to jump through some hoops to get one before I can help test. I just wanted to offer my thanks and encourage you to continue on with the project. There are many people who would benefit from a Lightwave Collada plugin. Good luck!

Hi I am trying your script at LW9 and dont get it to work… I get the collada exporter for Daz Studio and now I like to get the file sin Lightwave for renders.
I think could be great to have plugin of this kind!
I hope you can make it work great!!

Hi guys

Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I haven’t had much time to work on anything outside my regular job. This first step in creating a Collada plugin for LightWave only supports importing of the supplied collada file. It was a mere proof of concept, and not a proper Collada plugin. If I have the time in the coming weeks I should get back on track and create a generic XML parser in LScript, and then get back to creating a Collada importer (and hopefully exporter too).

Thankz for the answer… the idea is to use the collada exporter from Daz studio ( to import the models into Lightwave. Just to see how it will work.
I will waiting…no problem.

Just a quick note about possible problems with the DAZ export. The DAZ exporter isn’t 100% spec compliant yet, but they are aware of the problems, and it is very close to being correct. You can easily edit the file yourself to bring it into compliance though.