Collada import to Unreal Engine 3

I’m trying to import Collada 1.4 compliant skinned objects to UnrealEngine 3 (RoboBlitz build) but they either crash UnrealEd or the polys are all over the place. (The object are from the object bank.) Simple object import works.
A friend of mine successfully imported a skinned object, coming from Maya. unfortunately he has no access to that software anymore, so he couldn’t tell me the version of the exporter. My guess is that it made <v1.4 objects.

So my questions are:

  • Does anyone know the specs of the Unreal importer? What is it capable of?
  • Where could I find <v1.4 skinned example objects?
  • Is there a free collada viewer which supports skins?


Okay the problem turned out to be a flag in Unreal which fixed the issue. So Unreal 3 is 1.4 compatible. Animation import works as well.
Still, since UE3 has no public documentation whatsoever, I’m still looking for an informed people who might cast lights on the UEd importer’s functionality.

Pinecoast’s CollView displays skinning and animations, but crashes often.
Too bad that the FeelingViewer cost 100$. Is it possible to download an earlier, still free version?

Collada RT is a Collada renderer distributed with the Collada DOM. It supports skinning and animations. Feeling Viewer for Linux or Mac is free, though that won’t help if you’re on Windows.

I don’t have any info about Unreal Engine unfortunately.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

If you do check it out, just be aware that RT’s interface is very sparse. You have to run it on the command line, passing it the name of the file you want to open. There is no menu with File --> Open functionality.