I have a problem installing the COLLADA converter for XSI 5.0. I get these two messages and nothing happens:

'INFO : 4011 - Import/Export .xsi: The dotXSI.dll (NT) or (IRIX) is missing or the class is not registered.
'ERROR : CXSIParser::Open

Hi, how did you install the plugin ?

Best regards.

As discribed in the manual I copied the files ColladaExportImport.dll and XSIFtk.dll in the C:\users<username>\Softimage\XSI_5.0\Application\Plugins directory.

Take a look at this thread. You don’t want to copy the XsiFtk.dll file, even though the install instructions tell you to.

Maybe the install procedure was fixed with the Collada 1.4 plugins included with SoftImage 5.1.

Deleting the XsiFtk.dll in the plugins directory does not help, I get always the same error.