Collada for C4D sometime?


I am a professional C4D user and saw a demo of Agent FX collada a year ago and I think it’s an excellent 3d engine app.
Is there any plans to make conversion or plugin of collada for Cinema 4D. Should be simple to translate into c4d script?

You should probably ask them directly, if they are not yet supporting COLLADA, there is a slim chance they would read this post 8)

You mean Agent FX ?

No. He means Cinema4D.

One philosophy of COLLADA is to make the tool companies write their own plugins and COLLADA implementations. There are a few tools that the COLLADA community decided to do themselves but most of the time is the companies who do the work. And we like it that way.

So the best way to get COLLADA into Cinema4D is to tell Cinema4D that you would like that. But honestly a single person probably wouldn’t convince them to do the work. You will need a lot of Cinema4D users asking for COLLADA support. I think you should bring up the subject on their forum, members section, user’s group or whatever they might have.


Oh sure, silly me. Perhaps I could suggest this to couple of largest c4d communities and ask users what they think about it. It’s pointless for me to try emailing maxon about the issue. I agree with you. They won’t develop anything unless there’s enough demand.

Go to…

…and put your request in. That’s what I’ve done.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about taking this project on. Mostly so I can learn about creating plug-ins for C4D, but there also seems to be a need for this. Has anyone heard about anyone else starting work on such a project? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel.


No I haven’t heard anyone working with c4d collada. Give it a shot. Sounds cool. :slight_smile: