Collada external libs and 64 bit Windows

I’ve got the Collada dom compiling as a Windows 64 bit platform configuration, however it does not link due to the 32 bit versions of the external libraries (like pcre.lib and libxm2.lib.) I’d like to request that 64 bit versions of these external libs be added to the Collada dom install.

at first,which compiler do you use? MinGW, Vc8 and Vc9. I’m working on the libraries to be committed, but this will need its time. If you need it faster look at this. It should help you getting the dependencies compiled by yourself.

I’m using Visual Studio 2005 (vc8), and then maybe move to vc9 in the following months.

Thanks for the reference to that Wiki page, that should help.

How much time do you think it’ll take you to get a 64 bit compiled version bundled with the install?

The DOM supports 4 different platforms (windows, linux, osx and ps3) and 4 different build systems (make, vs8, vs9, xcode). It will take a few days to integrate 64Bit dependencies and build targets everywhere.

Is there an ETA a 64 bit compatible release?




I myself had the same problem and manage to compile or find the libraries. I’ve uploaded an archive for 64bit VS2005 here: … t_libs.rar

All the libraries are there except the debug version of libxml2 which I couldn’t not find and didn’t bother to compile (since you can link to the release version).

I’ve compiled COLLADA dom 1.4 with them using the NO_ZAE and NO_BOOST defines on.
I’ve also linked the dom lib directly to those so my program doesn’t have to link to each individual lib but rather to a big one lib.

I hope this helps.

Adrian L.

Thanks a lot for replying and posting those libraries! I’ll let you know if they work (when I actually have time to try them out :cry: )

Would it be possible for you to add the 64 bit versions of pcrecpp.lib to the linked .zip file?