Collada-dom RT external library Bullet

Building the Collada-dom viewer example under VC9 (Visual Studio 2008) has proved to be simple, but not trivial due to an issue with the bullet libraries ( see this post. Thinking I’d just download bullet and compile this under VC9, I encountered a problem I’d appreciate help with.

Basically the library included in the external-libs/bullet is not a standard built library from bullet it appears, as bullet creates several libraries. I’m about to try out creating a library from the bullet libraries to see if this works, but it would be very cool to have instructions (such as provided for the collada dom here). If anyone has any experience with this I’d appreciate a hand.

Update: The collada-dom RT code uses a dfifferent and incompatible version of bullet to the current version. I’ve considered trying to figure out which vesion is being used, or update the code to support the latest bullet version, but given that I can get around this issue for now I’m going to ignore it.

If anyone knows the version of bullet used that would be handy, and it would enable me to get a clean working VS9 project available for the community.

This is an issue with the customizated COLLADA-DOM RT build system, not with the Bullet libraries. It seems they include a modified build of Bullet, instead of compiling Bullet it from the source code using the build systems provided with Bullet.

Bullet ships with several build systems, including Visual Studio projectfiles for MSVC 6,7,8,9, jam and Cmake. When using unmodified build files, you can get support through the Bullet forums.

Due to those customizations, please try to contact the COLLADA-DOM RT developer for help with their customized build system.

You should be able to update to the latest Bullet library (2.70 as of now), and just use the projectfiles that come with Bullet/msvc/8. Try to use dynamics,collision and math for a start. If you have any troubles upgrading due to modified API, please get in touch in the Bullet forums.

Hope this helps,

Many thanks for your post erwin. As you state the problem is with the custom version of Bullet used - I have no problems with building and using bullet, hence my post to the collada forums to see if anyone here knew anything about which version of bullet was being used, and any other helpfull information for building VS 2008 libs.

This isn’t a high priority for me - I don’t personally need bullet integration through the collada RT, and the current changes I’ve made get the viewer working, though not in an ideal way (see link in first post). I’m just trying to find a clean way for VS 2008 users to compile and run the Collada viewer without hassle.