Collada DOM in Ubuntu 8.10

Hi, i was using colladaDOM with Ubuntu 8.04 without problems, now i have a new laptop using Ubuntu 8.10, when i try to compile colladaDOM i got this error:


In file included from include/dae/daeDatabase.h:18,
                 from src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp:20:n 
include/dae.h:195: error: ISO C++ prohíbe la declaración de ‘auto_ptr’ sin tipo

in english more o less:

ISO C++ forbids of ‘auto_ptr’ without type

i installed libxml2-dev libpcre3-dev libboost-filesystem-dev

Someone know how can i fix it? Thanks.

PD: Sorry for my english.

I’m getting the same error. Maybe it has to do with different gcc versions.

Ubuntu 8.04 used gcc 4.2.4 while
Ubuntu 8.10 uses gcc 4.3.2

The english error message is:

Compiling src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp to build/linux-1.4/obj/daeAtomicType.o
In file included from include/dae/daeDatabase.h:18,
from src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp:20:
include/dae.h:195: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘auto_ptr’ with no type
include/dae.h:195: error: invalid use of ‘::’
include/dae.h:195: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token
make: *** [build/linux-1.4/obj/daeAtomicType.o] Error 1

We will investigate this further.

It doesn’t occur with the trunk version of the dom, so please use that.

Note that dependencies have changed. You may need to update your build environment.