Collada dom compile problem

Dear you,
I try to compile Collada DOM 2.2 with vs2008,but it come this error:

1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(453) : error C2065: “zlib_filefunc64_def”: 未声明的标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(453) : error C2146: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在标识符“ffunc”的前面)
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(453) : error C2065: “ffunc”: 未声明的标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(454) : error C2065: “ffunc”: 未声明的标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(454) : error C3861: “fill_win32_filefunc64A”: 找不到标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(455) : error C2065: “ffunc”: 未声明的标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(455) : error C3861: “zipOpen2_64”: 找不到标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(484) : error C3861: “zipOpenNewFileInZip3_64”: 找不到标识符
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(511) : error C3861: “zipOpenNewFileInZip3_64”: 找不到标识符

And I found this defined int minizip-1.1\ioapi.h,can you tell me what can I do ?

Oh,there are no body can help me,I have done!
in daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp include ioapi.h and add include path …\minizip-1.1\ in the project,then you can Won!
but you must have minizip-1.1’s lib so you can LINK it correct.