i’ve just read in “COLLADA DOM 1.4.0 - Programming Guide” that COLLADA DOM is developed and packaged using VisualStudio .NET 2003. May I download a free version of Visual Studio .NET 2003 (e.g.:student edition) or may I use COLLADA DOM with a free C++ IDE such as bloodshed dev-c++?
How can i set-up dev-c++ to use COLLADA DOM?
thx for your help!

I do not know what is needed for dev-c++ to use the COLLADA DOM.

I do know that you can use the DOM with MS Visual Studio Express C++, which is Microsoft’s free version of Visual Studio. You can download it from the microsoft site somewhere.

You also need to download and install the windows platform SDK. There are links and directions to do that from the VS download site.


Ok,I’ll download MS Visual Studio Express C++.