collada-dom 2.4 release candidate

We’ve just committed an RC for 2.4.0 with the following features: … es_2_4.txt

In short:

  1. it has become possible to use 1.4.1 and 1.5.0 dom objects in the same program!

  2. option for daeFloat to be a double since there was a lot of precision getting lost

there’s only one back compat break. users do:

domCOLLADA* dom = dae->open();

this should now be explicit:

domCOLLADA* dom = (domCOLLADA*)dae->open();

Before we make it official, please post any comments/problems here.

it looks like no one is complaining, so i’m guessing we have a go to release?

in 2.4.0, we also added the ability to save to compressed zae files (r879)

2.4.0 tags are created and source files uploaded: … ags/2.4.0/ … DOM%202.4/