COLLADA DOM 2.31 Build Issues

I’ve been trying to build COLLADA DOM 2.31 in VC++ 2008 as per the Setting up instructions on the wiki. For the most part the build is fine, but it doesn’t compile due to these two errors:

1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(165) : error C2065: ‘XML_PARSE_HUGE’ : undeclared identifier
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(170) : error C2065: ‘XML_PARSE_HUGE’ : undeclared identifier

If anyone knows how to go about resolving this issue, please reply! I could use any help that I get.

I was able to remove the errors by adding XML_PARSE_HUGE as a preprocessor definition.
COLLADA DOM (1.4) 3.1.2, Visual Studio 2010 (VC10)

I still got some warnings related to Path.hpp, but everything seemed to compile OK.

What value did you use for XML_PARSE_HUGE? Thanks.

I’m trying to build Collada 2.3.1 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition, and getting the exact same error.

1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(165): error C2065: ‘XML_PARSE_HUGE’ : undeclared identifier
1>…\src\modules\LIBXMLPlugin\daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp(170): error C2065: ‘XML_PARSE_HUGE’ : undeclared identifier

From what I understand, the XML_PARSE_HUGE is part of the LibXML2 library, and should be defined as: XML_PARSE_HUGE = 524288;

Why are we getting this error? Is there some part of the LibXML2 library that is not being included correctly?

What value did you use for XML_PARSE_HUGE? Thanks.

From this link
I defined XML_PARSE_HUGE value as 524288