I’m currently using XSI and 3ds max for Serious Games dev. I have troubles with XSI. I’m not able to use collada files generated with XSI. Feeling viewer and 3d engines (agentFX, jmonkey, open scene graph) can not import properly Collada files generated with XSI : no texture, skining bugs, animation bugs… Even with the latest version of Crosswalk (Softimage 6.01’s Collada exporter) it does not work. The only thing that work perfectly is to export the file from XSI in Collada and import it again in XSI…
Those features seam to work with XSI Collada : geometry, texture UV, transform animation, normals. Those features do not work properly : bones, skining, texture maping.
I would like to use more and more XSI in our workflow as there are a lot of nice features. But XSI’s collada can not be seriously used?! Is there anyone that manage to use it? Collada is a key format for XSI as the software does not support VRML (.wrl, .x3d), Open Scene Graph (.osg, .ive)… In fact the only format that works not so badly is .X. But I would like to switch to Collada…
Please any help is wellcome. :idea:


Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of those issues and we are actively working on them. Regarding the texture problem, it’s because the relative path we export is relative to the XSI database instead of relative to the .dae file. We have to fix this but for now if you export your file in the root of your XSI database you should be fine. Regarding the skin, we are also working on the issue but for now if you skin your characters when they are at the origin (freeze transform) and if you make sure that their mesh are right under the scene root it would work. If you have other issues let us know. You can also use to give your feedback on our COLLADA solution. Look forward for the futur releases of Crosswalk. :slight_smile:


Hello and thank you for your answer,
I’ve tryed to send you more information at the adress but I do not get any answer. Regarding the texture problem, I have not manage to see a model textured with feeling viewer (what do you call XSI database ?). Regarding the animation, I’m happy that your are working on the skin issue.
I really appreciate XSI’s render tree and realtime shaders, what happen when exporting with Collada ? Does it supports realtime shader settings (actually I use Ogre mesh/material that only support few features of XSI’s realtime shader).
Thank You


I did not see anything on the 3dgames list. You have to be subscribed to be able post there. Are you subscribed? If not, have a look at this:

The XSI database is the folder where XSI saves it’s scenes data. That folder contains sub-folders such as “Scenes”, “Models”, “Pictures”, “Render_Pictures”, etc. It’s also referred as project. Within XSI you can manage all you projects using the Project Manager (File > Project Manager).

Regarding material support, we support the COLLADA profile_COMMON and we map our Phong, Lambert, Blinn and Constant material shader node to those COLLADA material type. We also support COLLADA FX Cg shader thru the Cg FX realtime shader node including inlined and external referenced thru an extra. Complex shader trees are not supported.