Collada and openGL ES

i was very pleased to find the collada viewer project as open source this morning but since i am looking for a way to parse & interpret 3D model files on windows CE and display these with openGL ES i then realized this open source project doesnt seem to be that easily ported, is there any other code sample of how to parse a collada file and generate the relevant openGL (ES) code ?

Which viewer are you talking about? Have you seen the one from AMD?

the one from source forge : … _id=270665


Do you by chance have a link?


Try the external link from our RenderMonkey wiki entry.

Am also trying for the same.Actually i am having my own framework and also i have written a code to parsed the collada file.But the problem is the collada dom is build with only multi-thread dll build.But i need the collada dom projects which also able to build on multi-thread build.I am facing problem mainly because of external libs.If i get the build proper then every thing i can finish.So could you please help me as early as possible.I am running out of time…

well i have started to parse myself the dae file, i retrieve on the fly data i need to display 3d models. would be quite a good idea when you collada release that sort of open source, which is great as soon as you code under the targetted platform(s) to provide a code independant of non portable libs at least. more simply, releasing just a parser which translates straight the dae file into opengl instructions and avoids all these coding dependencies, which make the code quite tricky to read & port.
my 2 cents, i know its already very nice from you to provide an open source code.