collada and animations

I have created a collada importer , now i’m still implementing skinned meshes.
I’m using 3dsmax2009.
My problem is that i would create more than one animation for a character(jump,run,walk ecc…).
I have created a class loadanimation and a class skeleton , then fill bones in skeleton with the loadanimation from collada files.
It work.
But i must have a lot of 3ds collada file animations and reassemble all or created a 3ds collada file with n animations?
IS possible in 3ds create n animations in a file?

Hi all, and this is my first post. I am a total noob with regards to Collada, so take that into consideration.

Typically, in game programming all the animations are stored on a single timeline. Then the animation index is changed to beginning of the needed animation.

My First Post…

Put all your animations in a sequence, then just use the time index to select your animation.

But in the importer that parse the collada file ,how i know where an animation finish and when another animation start ?

<animation_clip> elements have start and end times that you can line up.