Collada, 3ds max and Flash

Good morning every one,
I have a complicated question concerning Collada, 3Ds max end Flash.
I would like to import 3Ds file to FLash and then add interactivity to the 3D model ( of the 3Ds file)
The problem is that Flash dosen"t allow real time.
I was thinking that the solution is to:

1 - Export the 3Ds file to collada and so obtain the data of the 3d model in an XML file.

2- Load the collada file (as an xml) to Flash, and then access the data with action script.

My questions are :

1- Do you think that it is doable ?
2- When i will have the data as an xml format, do I have to rebuild all the mathematics to use that data in Flash ?? I mean what are the data in the xml file ( are they very basic so I have to calculate all the mathematics to render a 3D model or ???

If you have any suggestion how can I achieve my project please let me know.

Think you.

Have you looked at for Flash with COLLADA support?

It is listed here on as well.