Collada 3DS MAX 2009

Hello, i’m do’in visuals and realtime stuff finally get to the part of collada movement.
So i’m using max2009 thinking to move on max2010 i had problems with meshes exporting from max first i used this PLUGIN and i could’t load any MAX mesh into asset manger or deep exploration. So after hours of searching i found THIS link on some forum, so it finally started to work. Deeper i move more question i have:

What is: Bake Metrics, XRefs, Create Clip, Sample Animation.

How to export collada skinning?
If i can’t just export it from MAX, then what software i need to x-port model with skinning?

Is it the best plugin, if not witch one to test. Maybe some place for Collada Max people.

Thank you!
Sys iCore, duall nVidia 9800, XP SP3, soft Max 2009 vvvv

well now i know how to export collada with skinning…

[li] Bake matrices enables concatenation of <node> transforms (e.g. <translate>,<rotate>,scale>) into a single <matrix>.[/:m:1o2o29y8][/li][li] Create Clip enables creation of <animation_clip> elements.[/:m:1o2o29y8][/li][li] Sample Animation enables key frame resampling.[/*:m:1o2o29y8][/ul][/li]

Skinned models should export automatically.

There is a 3.05C plugin on sourceforge. The project information is stickied in this forum and on our wiki.