Collada 3D to 2D (image) conversion

i would like to convert my 3D models of collada to 2D image format, how to do that programatically.

If I understand you correctly, you want to load a .dae file (collada file), and get a .png/.jpg/.gif file back containing an image of the object? If so, you’ll need a rendering engine for that, I’m afraid. There’s no small chunk of code that’ll allow you to do that. You have to take camera viewpoint, materials, lighting, and a lot of other things into consideration if that’s what you want. I suggest you google for “3d engine”… Or if you want a quick way to see how a collada model looks like, use one of the tools available, which should be findable on the collada website, or use something like Nvidia Cg Toolkit (, which allows you to load collada models, and apply shaders to them, change lighting configurations, etcetera…

I am using java library JOGL and i also loading the .dae file correctly, but i want to know how to take a snapshot of that loaded 3D .dae file and how to convert it into other 2D format?