COLLADA 1.4.0 is released !

Nov 19,2005

As you already know, COLLADA 1.4 will be released by the Khronos group. The policy is to provide any new specification first in pre-release for gathering feedback, and do the final touches. This process last 45 days. Then the specification is ratified, and made publicly available. [Jan 3rd]

We have packaged the COLLADA 1.4 schema, the COLLADA 1.4 specification and the COLLADA 1.4 DOM (which can also be compiled for 1.3.1).

If you want to have access to this, you need to follow the registration process, which consist on first submitting a request on the web here. If accepted, your will receive (by e-mail) the legal paperwork that you need to sign and return (by fax). You will then receive a URL, login and password to access to COLLADA 1.4

Please remenber that the objective of early access is to provide us with feedback, so we are expecting you to carefully review the spec, try it out using the DOM libaries, and send us all the feedback you can !

Please do not send us feedback about 1.4 on this public forum, but make sure to use the email address Khronos will provide you for this purpose.

Update Nov 23: 1.4 Maya plugin [beta] is available on

– Rémi Arnaud
Graphics Architect