Collada 1.3 Viewer

Hello Everyone,

Feeling Software is currently coding a free, cross-platform Collada 1.3 document viewer, based on our work with ColladaMaya. The viewer is built for Windows and Mac OSX, and we are planning for Linux in the long-run.

We would appreciate some user feedback and are currently looking for Collada users who could help us with testing the technology. If you are interested, please contact me.

Guillaume Laforte:
Feeling Software Inc

Some questions I forgot to ask you in my e-mail that might be interesting for others to know.

  • Which graphics API is it build upon? (I’m guessing OpenGL)
  • Will it be open-source?

The viewer is based on OpenGL and while we will distribute the viewer for free, we do not intend to give out the source at this point.

If you have any question about how we do something in particular in the viewer, I’ll be more than happy to answer you and guide you through. None of the algorithms we use are very complex or patented, as far as I know.

Guillaume Laforte
Feeling Software Inc