Coherency test Error

when I run the coherency test on my DAE file I have the following error :

ERROR:Check_Shema error msg = Element ‘technique’ attribute ‘profile’ : ‘Smoothing groups’ is not a valide value of the atomic type ‘xs:NMTOKEN’

the location in the file who generate this error look like that.

<technique profile = “Smoothing group”>


I don’t know why it’s not working because my technique tag is under the <extra> tag

Any idea to fix this ?

The <technique> element itself has to conform to the schema. The stuff inside <technique> doesn’t. The schema validation fails because xs:NMTOKEN doesn’t allow spaces. Make it “Smoothing_groups” and you’re good to go.

:oops: :oops: :shock: :oops:
Ooh damn it
Sorry for that dummy question. I was looking hundred miles away and it was just that space :twisted:

Heh, no prob. I do stuff like that all the time.