Hi. can i any tell me where to code the program in win32.An empty project.A simple win32 application or A hello world application…pls help me.

First of all… it depends on the code you are writing, its sometimes also possible to write a windows-programme as a normal DOS-API… But I am quite sure that you are talking about the winmain()-stuff…
So, all you need to do is to create a NEW and EMPTY project. Then go to “add to project”, to “files” and select a *.cpp file… inside there you need to write down the code then.
You then need to add the *.lib-files to your project (ask me if you wanna know more about that).

Thats it.
“Hello World” is a complete program already… a pretty simple one and I dont suggest you to place any OpenGL stuff there

See you,

OMG… 3 threads for all the same post.

Forget trying to code. If you can’t figure out how message boards work, you won’t get very far in coding.

Yes, i agree with you! Isnt this a very good example for redundanc?

However, if the poster has any further questions about the Visual C++ Compiler or OpenGL… I am ready to help.