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(sorry for my english, because i’m from germany and still a student)
My question is about Coder Demos. I am studying OpenGL for some days and i wonder how it is possible to do such great project like a coder demo. I saw one guy who studied OpenGL for 15 days or so and he made fantastic Demos.

Haven’t seen a coder demo? Then go to

It would be nice, if someone could explain me how a coder demo is coded. ???

Arch !!!
Ich nicht spresche Deutsch !

a coder demo is the easiest what you can do, a linear app, that in most cases dont accept userinput (only to end the demo) so you have to know how you can do some effects, load some objects/images and then put em together… or you search for some playback tools in which you only script what should happen (i know there are some, but dont know them by name)

So actually only OpenGL Code? It would be nice if you gave me an very easy example, cuz you know that i am not as experienced as you guys are.

to Moz: Ok. Sorry, i’ve forgotten. Then go to

RoBoT ZeRo

there is no easy way of coding demos or an easy example. all we could provide is a basic example rendering primitives and objects with opengl. thats what this forum is about. to get started with opengl, you can try NeHe’s tutorials.

you can express your phantasy to create marvelous effects through opengl. but the phantasy, the coding experience must be provided by you. above all the coding experience is very important. maybe you know everything about opengl that doesnt make you a good coder. vice versa if you understand the principles of abstraction and software engineering and if you have coded demos on other platforms (maybe 80286/10, mode 0x13, ohhh yeah) it is very much easier to be successfull.


please dont excuse for your language. i cant hear it anymore. we all can read what you write and your apology doesn’t make it even better

yeh, but that’s the problem. I can’t find a very good tutorial for OpenGl on the net, which is written in german. I know that there are some good ones for instance the redbook. But i can’t understand it, cuz it is too difficult from the point of language.

If you knew a link where i can find a good one please tell me.

ok, here is a link for a nice german opengl site:

my personal tip for you:
ohne englisch geht es einfach nicht. heute oder morgen, du wirst nicht drumrumkommen, dir die sprache wenigstens auf dem niveau von fachliteratur anzueignen. es entgehen dir sonst einfach zu viele wichtige informationen und interessante fakten. das redbook ist da ne prima sache. probiere es zu lesen und zu verstehen. zur not mit dem woerterbuch. wenn du das erste buch geschafft hast, wird das zweite einfacher werden.

Thx for the advice. But it is very difficult when you even don’t know how to code with C. So you don’t understand the code from examples at all.
I only wanted to code a demo. Cuz i saw some admirable Coder Demos. That’s all.

RoBoT ZeRo

Without C or C++ it is really hard. Of course there are other languages you can use it from, but I think C is the best (only personal opinion). I have learned whole C in about two months and C++ in another one, so keep studying.


here you’ll find the first 12 chapters of nehe’s tutorials translated to german:



I’m a democoder actually using opengl now since some time.
and please: a demo might be a very simple structured program, but it’s definitely NOT easy to do one. o.k, nowadays everyone can make a more or less good looking demo with easy 3d scenes as 3d produced by 3d cards looks always good. but producing a really good demo, with good synching, creative ideas and design is still the result of years of hard work.
btw, farb-rausch use directx and not opengl just to tell you. and their demos usually lack some life, too much 3d-flyby. (I hope noone of them is around here =)))
anyway, when you meant the.product when referring to fr. it’s a great production, unbelievable. it’s only 64k, it’s not a demo, that makes it even better.
how to code demos ? well, a long process of learning, trying and experimenting with algorithms and parameters putting them in the right way. the program itself is actually very easy and most democoders do not care about things like coding-style or rules (as i do, of course only for demos =)
a good idea to start with demos is always to begin with the simple things and build the rest on it. when you seriously go for it you get a feeling with the time what works in which way and why and what looks cool etc. etc.
if anyone wants to contact me, feel free. but don’t expect me to be a opengl expert. the last years I did VESA software demos and now work on my first opengl engine. I’m from germany btw.


Yeah. FR-08 the.product is really amizing, cuz you have got 1,9 gb compressed in 64kb. I read that they used a compressor, which is called upx. I used for my “easy-rotating-colored-polygon”(ok, i’m not experienced at the moment). Very nice.

styx^hcr: I’ve got a question. What other tools do you use, and what parts are written in opengl. If you are willing you can send me a small code from your demos. I want to study them. Maybe later on i will be more experienced to understand what a coder demo is. here’s my e-mail adress:


RoBoT ZeRo

>Yeah. FR-08 the.product is really amizing, >cuz you have got 1,9 gb compressed in 64kb.

actually it will be 1,9gb when you uncompress all data and store it on the HDD. it’s not that the exe was 1,9 gb before =) and it also results of the fact, that they play the music THAT long. raw music is big in size. when they loop the music the intro can generate infinite data still a great intro indeed.

>I read that they used a compressor, which >is called upx.

yes and no. they took the (free) source of upx and made a special version for their intros. but UPX is also very good without modifications. I used it for our latest intro, and it packed to <64k from around 260k. but that depends on the data in the file. good aligned data (or repetitive data) packs well, I also had an exe with about 500k and it packed to around 40k.

>styx^hcr: I’ve got a question…

you can contact me for any further stuff, just drop me a mail and tell me what you want to know. I try to help you then. of course write the mail in german =))