CMake FindOpenGL and FindGLUT modules do not have maintainers

I managed to resurrect a CMake bug regarding FindGLUT and environment variables. The modules FindOpenGL and FindGLUT do not have maintainers, so the code to discover these libraries ala CMake is languishing. I plan to update these modules, so that they work well in the present day, and I also want to field test a FindGLEW module. But in the future, I’m not ready to be a maintainer for them. My energy and foci are transitional; I can fix this now, I can’t promise to fix things later. Are any of you CMake-oriented people interested in being maintainers? Without a maintainer, the quality of these basic CMake querying capabilities is going to suffer.

People are that excited about it huh. It’s a pity. Having a standard library of Find* modules is one of the advantages of CMake over other build systems. However if those modules aren’t maintained for OpenGL stuff, that seriously diminishes the value of CMake in the OpenGL ecosystem.