Cloud Modeling question

I’m a new comer to 3D Gis.Now i need to realize solid cloud model.These can be used in a weather simulation system. But this task is diffcult to me.Can you tell me how to create solid cloud model?Or someone give me a simple demo source code for my work?
Thanks a lot!!!

search this forum for “cloud rendering” there have been some therads about this topic recently (with lots of links).
google is also a very good idea…

anyone can give me some demo resource code for my study?
hope to your reply.

Use your brain fukwit.

Harsh, but true. In any case, here is a link to a great resource :

Make sure to read the publication for the concept, and look at the demo (with source) to get an idea of how to do it. Its not something you can just easily rip into your source. You have to design for it, so get the concept down.