closing Windows

Hi ,
I use openGL as pilote on 3DSMax but the problem is that now it is often difficult or impossible to close Windows in the end of the day .
Thanks for any help .

Are you sure your problem is related to OpenGL?

And if so, can you post some more info because without those infos its really hard to tell what may cause the problem.

It only happens since I use OpenGL . In 3dsMax , I have the choice between 3 drivers : Direct3D , OpenGL and a third one . For being able to use a plugin I have chosen OpenGL or 3dsMax crashed , with OpenGL it doen’t . So now , this problem is sorted out .
The only difference now is that when I want to stop my computer , it is often more difficult . Each times there are messages asking me if I really want to close 3dsMax and sometimes the only way to stop the computer is to switch off the electricity .

I see and could you tell us what:

-operating system
-graphic card & driver version
-general system specs like CPU,RAM,…

your system has. The more input you can deliver the better the answer can be.

here is what I have :
operating system : XP professionnal 2002 pack 1
graphic card driver version : Radeon 9000 _ OpenGL ( ATI Technologies INC.version 1.3.3302 Win XP Release )
general system spec. : Pentium®4 CPU 2.66 GHz _ RAM 512mo

The drivers you are using are pretty old (catalyst 3.3) you may want to upgrade to the current ones (catalyst 4.9).

I have downloaded Catalyst 4.9 and began to install it , then stopped because a message told me it could be wrong . But apparently it is installed nonetheless and seems to be working .
Thanks for your help