Clipping plane

What exactly is a clipping plane?
How do I set it up?
What do BSP-trees actually do, how do they work?
I’m trying to program a 3d-world, but clipping is something i don’ t fully understand… Can somebody help me?

Clipping plane.
Imagine a box you are looking into. Inside the box is where you draw all your objects. The back of the box is the far clipping plane. The front, or opening, of the box is the near clipping plane. Anything you draw outside of those clipping planes will not be seen - in fact won’t even be drawn. Obviously the sides of the box also represent clipping planes.

But what about setting it up, for him of course

i think you set them up with gluPerspective… Right? :slight_smile:

About the BSP’s check out the portal article at

also check out flipcode’s message boards

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed…