Cliping/culling problems 8-|

I wrote program that creates “maze” and yesterday I was sitting on collision test. I found that logical test is best thing for my app. But the problem arises elsewhere. I have player camera defined with gluLookAt and aimed a bit downwards & I can’t move closer than 1.35 units to any of the walls or else (with angles between wall normal and line of sight at 45°+/-5°) culling/cliping occours in the top left corner of my screen (I can see through triangular region of the wall). I don’t want to remove aim angle, because I will work with it later and it should be possible to remove this problem, because there is no in Half-Life, SOF 1&2, Unreal etc. But 1.35 is totally TOO MUCH!!

Check your call to gluPerspective. The before-last parameter defines the distance to the near clipping plane. Try to reduce it a little.