Client state array can't be used in dynamic modal?

Hi all, I read books saying that client state arry can’t be used in dynamic modal. I would like to ask what is dynamic modal? HOw is it differ from static one? Could anyone be kind enough to explain me the difference?


Static means your data, vertices in this case, don’t change, move or rotate.

Dynamic means they can change, move or rotate.

But I’m pretty sure the Client Arrays can have dynamic data. Are you talking about using glVertexPointer and stuff like that??

Thank you very much =) I understand their difference now

I generally put all model or its parts to the display lists.
Yo, why are you using theese arrays? What is the preference? Isnt it hard to display such a model?

What if you want to morph object(change vertex position)?You can’t do that in display list

Hey, dont be silly! You can morph a cube making it pyramide but I havent seen any game who morphs 1600 polys models in REALTIME! All morphs are done before rendering. Memory and harddrive are cheaper than processors and programmers brains. Realy.

What I’m asking is how can you change vertex position(don’t care why and how many) if it’s in the display list?

Sure, you can change vertices in a display list with a vertex shader/program.