clBuildProgram flags "-x cl++" ?

Hi, I’m trying to compile the AMD FFT kernel from AMD SDK 3.0 on Android.
The flags they use for callin clBuildProgram are:

buildData.flagsStr = std::string("-x clc++ ");

which are directly used in clBuildProgram later:

/* create a cl program executable for all the devices specified */
status = clBuildProgram(program, 1, &buildData.devices[buildData.deviceId], flagsStr.c_str(), NULL, NULL);

I couldn’t find any information about that flags. I supose they are to specify the use of C++ inside the kernel code (

Where can I find information about that flags?


AMD OpenCL Programming User Guide (2013-12)

See pg. 85 in the PDF (Section 5.3.1)