CLAMP_TO_EDGE not working in OpenGL3 on nVidia?

I think I found a bug in the OpenGL3 drivers by nVidia. CLAMP_TO_EDGE doesn’t seem to work. I made a test program which you can get from here It’s what I’m messing about in my spare time using image comparisons to create a test-suite. It’ll generate a TexturedTriangleTransformed.bmp inside the data/failed folder. The bottom of that triangle is supposed to be checkered, as you can see if you run the OpenGL batch file. However, with the OpenGL3 batch file the triangle gets a pink border at the bottom, which is the border color. However, the clamping mode is set to CLAMP_TO_EDGE in both cases.

I’d be grateful if someone could give this a swing and confirm for me. I’m running driver version 182.52.

Try playing with the “Conformant texture clamp” option in the Nvidia control panel. It seems related to your problem.

I gave that setting a go, and only setting it to ‘disabled’ fixes the issue. OpenGL conformant still shows the border, while the spec says it shouldn’t.