CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT with ATI cards on Snow Leo 10.6.2

When I get CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT information with clGetDeviceInfo
on Mac OS X 10.6.2 on a ATI Radeon 4870 I get False.

But when I get CL_DEVICE_IMAGE2D_MAX_WIDTH and CL_DEVICE_IMAGE2D_MAX_HEIGHT I obtain 8192 pixels.

What does this mean ?

When I try to run my application which use Image2D the kernel fail to compile (it works as expected on a 8800GT).

Does this mean that Image2D are not supported by ATI 4870 or does this mean that Mac OS X OpenCL ATI driver are not
fully implemented on 10.6.2 ?

Thanks … did=119151

Seems to be a problem. Maybe fixed / implemented later or implemented with bug.

I would ask ATI (link above to the forum with that image problem)

If CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT is 0 then you won’t be able to create or use images on the device, so the max size really doesn’t matter, although I’d agree it should probably be 0 in this case. Note that if you have a context that includes both devices that support and don’t support images you should still be able to create images for the context since OpenCL doesn’t know with which device(s) you intend to use the images.