circular viewport !!!!!????

Hi everyone

I display the scene in a normal rectangular window.
I want to display my scene on the screen in a circular viewport. I mean the scene will be viewed within a circle. Can anyone know how to do that with OpenGL C++ environment?

Many thanks for help

You could try playing around with the FOV (Field of View) value for gluLookat. Extreem values (towards 0 or 180) will give fish-eyed look to the viewport and distort the display - like a circular viewport!

Maybe she want to play with the stencil buffer.

Thank you very much BionicBytes and ugluk

I will try to apply your ideas

many thanks

Whether you want a circular viewport or a circular window?
circular viewport: you may use stencil buffer
circular window: maybe you need to use OS API

I need a circular viewport, I am going to use stencil buffer
many thanks to you