Choosing your own drivers in GLSetup

Ok, first of all, the specs that are important.

Win98 SE
Jaton Video 118PCI 32tv (GeForce 2 MX 200)
Formerly used the computer’s onboard video, Intel i810

Alright, now the problem.

I downloaded the GLSetup smaller installer file. It wanted to install the 810 drivers. Then I downloaded the monolithic download, and it still wants to install the 810 drivers. I remove the 810 drivers (didn’t do this before because they always reinstall themselves) and run GLSetup again. Then it says it can’t find any drivers for my computer.

And my question. Is it possible to choose your own drivers from GLSetup, considering its 88MB and is likely to have every driver?

I’m installing OpenGL to run Jedi Outcast, which uses ONLY OpenGL

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You don’t need GLSetup, you should download and install the latest drivers from Nvidia that support your card and OS. The video card driver contains the latest OpenGL support for your video card.

From what I see on the GLsetup main page, they haven’t been updated since Sept. 2001.

Besides if the 810 drivers are reinstalling themself it means the onboard graphic is still ACTIVE. You may want to disable it.

Since I dont have one of those boards, I dont know how (maybe its a Bios setting, maybe its a jumper on the mainboard)
It should be documented in the mainboard manual.

Hope that helps.