Choosing glFrustum parameters?

I have a scene consisting of some cubes.I want to interactively view it by changing viewpoint(And camera orientation).I had found similar opengl program and understand the program to a large extent.I am slightly confused about choosing parameters of glFrustum for my purpose.
My all cubes are lying in the xy plane .My all cubes are lying within the rectangular box with opposite coordinates as follows (-500,-500,250)and(500,500,250) .Plz suggest me some appropriate value of parameters for glfrustum.Thanks in advance.

It’s not enough to set glFrustum, which only controls the shape of the viewing frustum that is going to be visible.
glFrustum should be used to control the projection matrix.
You also have to place the camera to a correct position by modifying the modelview matrix.
These slides may help you to figure out how the matrices work and how to set them. … ojct_4.pdf

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