Choosing an Opengl card

At the moment I’m at a stand still with my choices. If it was as simple as outright performance then it’ld be an easy choice but that’s irrelevant since I just need stable drivers that’ll work with 3D Studio Max R3.1 and Maya 2.5.

Choices are…
Geforce - $115
Permedia 3 - $111
Oxygen VX1-16 - $98

Anybody who’s worked with any of’em and can comment would be greatful. Like I said, just stable and complete drivers (I’ve had enough driver bugs for one year). I’m not really working with anything high poly (I barely break 5,000 polys) so that’s irrelevant.

Also if anyone knows if I can take two Oxygen VX1 cards and place them into a PC and maintain Opengl support in both monitors, that’ld be even a better solution (buy one now pick up another later, about $150 now).

Thanks in advance.